Sun Protective Apparel. UV Protection with High Visibility colors. Be seen in the sun!
They say the best lessons are "life lessons". Well, I grew up in Florida. Being outdoors is not only inevitable, but it is also a way of life. I have been "burnt to a crisp". I have put on aloe vera thicker than cupcake icing. I have also had three patches of skin cancer removed. Not fun - trust me. I have waived a paddle or a waterski high in the air to be seen by other boats. I have felt the wind of a passing car that was a little too close for comfort while on my bike. Did they see me? Either they clearly didn't see me, or it was an ex-girlfriend looking for revenge. Let's just hope for the previous. I have been on a crowded beach frantically scanning the crowd for my children. You know the drill if you have kids. Well, SolSeen is here to change the way we "live" outdoors.
SolSeen products have two primary functions. BE PROTECTED. BE SEEN. Be PROTECTED from the harmful UV sun rays. Be SEEN by others who may not be paying attention while you're taking part in your favorite activity. 


•  UVA/UVB sun protection
•  Quick-dry breathable fabrics allow comfort in the outdoors.
•  Complete coverage - We have all missed that "one spot" with sunscreen.
•  Use while in, on, or about the water. UV protection even when wet.


•  Hi-Visibility colors
•  Contrasting colors help you stand out from natural backgrounds.
•  Reflective materials on several styles.
•  Safety, safety, safety
SolSeen products are perfect for:

•  Stand Up Paddleboards
•  Kayaks
•  Cycling
•  Running
•  Boating
•  Beach
•  Surfing
•  Skimboarding
•  Wind Surfing
•  Fishing
•  Water skiing
•  Kite Boarding
•  Swimming
•  Walking
•  Pretty much anything OUTDOORS!